The ISFLC, or why I haven’t slept since Wednesday yet feel fantastic

The International Students for Liberty Conference proved inspiring over the weekend.  A quick recap will suffice, then an analysis.  Over 500 students showed up from almost every state and I believe 13 countries (?), but that number may be slightly off.  I cannot locate the source, so take that as you may. Speakers included Tyler […]

Sunday Update

Currently reading: The State by Franz Oppenheimer Tradition and Revolt by Robert Nisbet The Ethics of Redistribution by Bertrand de Jouvenel The Crack-Up by F. Scott Fitzgerald Currently listening to: Public Opinion for Libertarians, a lecture by Bryan Caplan EconTalk interview by Russ Roberts with Milton Friedman from September 2006 Currently watching: Learn Liberty videos […]

Libertarian Audio

I’m not super-invested in audio shows.  They usually feel drawn-out and a waste of time.  However, the Harry Browne radio show has made libertarian radio shows, podcasts, etc.,  grow on me.  In that spirit, I thought I’d link some of the better-known (or, in my opinion, at least credible) shows that entertain, even if they […]

De Jouvenel, Nisbet, and the antagonisms of individual association and State power

The more I study, the more cynical I become as to any intentional progress by individuals in society.  Reading through Bertrand de Jouvenel and Robert Nisbet, they present to me problems with relying on the State for redistribution and a social safety net, along with the trouble of individuals preventing the rise of a monolithic […]


I’d prefer not to say too much about Egypt, mainly because I know little. However, I will say that the events illustrate why foreign aid isn’t the best means for gaining an ally. Especially when the aid provides canisters of tear gas for the aid recipient to fire at its citizens. The best way to […]

Thursday Links

Some conservative groups plan to boycott CPAC over a gay conservative group’s co-sponsorship Rand Paul unveils $500 billion in cuts Katherine Mangu-Ward on education reform and the State of the Union address Peter Boettke on behavioral public choice and institutional political economy A look at the Institute for Justice Edward L. Glaeser on morality in […]

“Free market” ≠ “pro-business”

Art Carden has a fantastic blog on Forbes from last September that I missed until today discussing the false equivalence of “free market” with “pro-business.”  The entire article is worth reading, but the essence is in Carden’s quotation from The Rational Optimist by Matt Ridley: I hold no brief for large corporations, whose inefficiencies, complacencies, […]

What is Conservatism? edited by Frank S. Meyer

I finished What is Conservatism?, a collection of 13 essays edited by Frank S. Meyer, a volume demonstrating the fusion (and fission) of the conservative/libertarian alliance in the early 1960s.  Excluding essays by Stanley Parry and Stefan T. Possony, time is well-spent pouring through the book and analyzing its arguments.  Some quotes: Freedom, Tradition, Conservatism-Frank […]

Libertopia and Ralph Nader videos

A couple videos today. The first is a clip from Libertopia, ” a documentary that examines the people of the Free State Project– ordinary citizens attempting to reclaim a voice against big government which they believe shares neither their priorities nor their interests.  Primarily libertarian leaning, and often considered radicals in their home towns, these people […]