Lazy Thinking: Problems of Exceptionalism and the Threat of Nationalism

Western tradition gets upheld as a lone bastion of freedom, the shining city on a hill. To make that story plausible, we can argue that, among other things, Western countries uphold conceptions of nationalism that center around individual rights and intermediate institutions which preserved freedom and community. That story falters, however, when we treat the […]

The impossibility of utopia through polity

Politics can be accurately described as individuals with power attempting to bend law and reality to legislative will.  Human behavior and the economic fact of scarcity is expected to conform and act in accordance with the social policy and political philosophy of whichever political party controls the government bureaucracy.  Rather than attempt to construct a […]

De Jouvenel, Nisbet, and the antagonisms of individual association and State power

The more I study, the more cynical I become as to any intentional progress by individuals in society.  Reading through Bertrand de Jouvenel and Robert Nisbet, they present to me problems with relying on the State for redistribution and a social safety net, along with the trouble of individuals preventing the rise of a monolithic […]