Reid on Travel – Robert Reid has a great video introduction you should watch, but he’s one of my favorite writers to read on all things travel.

Wandering Earl – Earl’s been traveling since 1999 (blogging since 2009) and avoids the vague fluffery of most travel blogging. He tends to find interesting places to visit, instead of staying in the most-visited places and repeating the same posts about the same places.

Atlas Obscura – Atlas Obscura is sort of a travel site that’s almost too hip, but covers a lot of obscure places that are more adventurous.

Falling All Over the World – Gina and I graduated together, and then she moved to Italy and got married. Which isn’t a bad way to do it. She writes about her travels around Italy and surrounding countries, as well as reflections on the Midwest.


I’ve done some podcasts, one with fellow journalist Yael Ossowski on Innocents Abroad and another with the Amateur Traveler Podcast on the Czech Republic beyond Prague.