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Young Czechs Re-evaluating Communist-era Public ArtPrague Daily Monitor

The Czech Republic and Slovakia are rich with public artwork created during the communist era, but its connection with the communists has ruined its appeal. Younger Czechs, however, have challenged the public’s disregard for the art. They argue that it is more than communist propaganda, and want to save what’s left.

Collegiate Esports Programs Are Here to StayJames G. Martin Center

More money flows to arenas and building upgrades. The hunt for recruits gets more competitive. University presidents brag about how their new program will make the school nationally known.

But the cause isn’t basketball or football.

This time around, the athletics arms race on campus is for “esports”—competitive video gaming. And it’s a trend driven by many small colleges hunting for students.

Five Great Art Deco Buildings in DCGreater Greater Washington

DC’s wave of Art Deco architecture was short lived, but its influence is still all over the city today. The five structures below show the extent to which Washingtonians embraced the modern architectural style.

The Promise—and Peril—of an ‘Appalachian New Deal’expatalachians

Economic development and environmental protection can seem like opposing forces. But sometimes, restoring the environment can go hand-in-hand with economic progress—if common risks are avoided.

A recent example is a new report that wants to make reclaiming former mine lands in central Appalachia an economic opportunity. Released by the Reclaiming Appalachia Coalition (RAC), an umbrella group of non-profit organizations, it highlights 20 projects that could serve as models for rejuvenating mined lands in Ohio, West Virginia, Virginia, and Kentucky.


I’ve done some podcasts, one with fellow journalist Yael Ossowski on Innocents Abroad and another with the Amateur Traveler Podcast on the Czech Republic beyond Prague.

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