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Old World Illiberalism: The Fall of Schengen

As Sweden introduces identity checks at the Danish border, the Schengen Area has come under threat, along with the liberalism at the heart of what is valuable within the European Union. Sweden isn’t the first. Greece, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Hungary, Austria, Germany, and Denmark have added checks, controls, and fences to...

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Rila Monastery: Frescoes and a Stray Dog

The Rila Monastery, founded in the 10th century, is one of the most popular tourist sights in Bulgaria. I spent little time in the church itself. Monks covered the exterior walls in bright frescoes depicting saints, the life of Christ, heaven, hell, demons torturing the sinful, etc. All that good stuff. Like...

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Interview: Czech Republic Outside Prague

I recently did an interview on Amateur Traveler with Chris Christensen about the Czech Republic outside of Prague. You can listen at his site, or use the player below. Amateur Traveler Episode 465 – Travel to the Czech Republic

"May the names of the Lithuanian patriots, shot to death in this former KGB building, bear witness to duty fulfilled to the motherland, its honour, freedom and independence." 0

When Museums Obscure History: Eastern Europe and WWII

FBI Director James Comey is taking heat for a speech he gave, reprinted in the Washington Post, that blamed Poland for the Holocaust as well as Germany. Polish officials condemned him and summoned the American ambassador to apologize. However, the scandal should be over the lack over the Polish officials’...

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Wandering Through Moscow

Some months ago, I found a 1977 book published by the National Geographic Society: Journey Across Russia: The Soviet Union Today. A writer (Bart McDowell) and a photographer (Dean Conger) covered 30,000 miles, visited 50 cities and towns, and the 15 constituent republics of the U.S.S.R. It’s an admirable effort that...

The former Party House. The Bulgarian flag flies where a red star used to be; the complex is stuffed with government offices. 0

A Stop in Sofia, Bulgaria

I would not take my parents to Sofia. They struggle enough with D.C. or, for that matter, Columbus, Ohio. Sofia is inaccessible. Sidewalks claw at your feet with hidden angles and general malice. Cyrillic looks intimidating. The language divide demands that the day become a game of charades. The museums...


Planning a Trip: Booking a Flight

No one makes money running an airline. Which is great for consumers, as the market is competitive enough to make profits razor-thin. So don’t stress about getting a cheap flight. Flights are already cheap. Buy early. Waiting for a cheaper flight sometimes works, but it’s a hassle and a gamble. In general,...


Planning for a Trip: Finding Accommodation

Note: This is written for an American who wants to travel to Europe, but it can be applied generally. Finding accommodation is the easiest part of planning a trip, so rest easy. The most important thing is to know whether one is comfortable sharing a dorm-style room with snoring strangers or...