Talkin’ Brno Blues: Alienation and Dislocation While Traveling

The morning is the worst part of the day. If I’m forced to breakfast, I’ll glare at the food as I eat, or moulder over a glass of tea with too much sugar. The upswing is that the day improves as time passes, so I’ve the rest of the day to enjoy after a hellish […]

Individualism through collectivism!

Democratic freedom came to be envisaged not as the preservation of immunity from the State but as full participation in the power of the State.  Democracy popularized and in a significant sense sanctified the State relationship.  The continuous expansion of political power and responsibility that has been inherent in the democratic state would be inexplicable […]

Sunday Update

Currently reading: The State by Franz Oppenheimer Tradition and Revolt by Robert Nisbet The Ethics of Redistribution by Bertrand de Jouvenel The Crack-Up by F. Scott Fitzgerald Currently listening to: Public Opinion for Libertarians, a lecture by Bryan Caplan EconTalk interview by Russ Roberts with Milton Friedman from September 2006 Currently watching: Learn Liberty videos […]