In Fusionism Lies Folly: The Tea Party Killed It (Again)

The alliance between conservatives and libertarians, defined as “fusionism” by Frank S. Meyer, gets praised or excoriated every six months (or whenever Rand Paul appears before a camera). Instead of repeating the brilliant writings of Meyer (or some recent entries), I propose a pseudo-empirical review since 2010 and the rise of the Tea Party. Conservatives […]

Baiting in the Partisan Media:* Why Does Anyone Trust Rush Limbaugh?

*Note: All media is partisan, but some try to report from “the view from nowhere.” To oversimplify, conservatives should worry about baiting, pandering, and low journalistic standards in their outlets, while liberals should worry about baiting, pandering, and smugness in theirs. Why low standards for conservatives and not liberals? The conservative partisan news market is more […]

SCOTUS Health-Care Decision

First, thanks to everyone who wanted me to write something; I wasn’t expecting that. As far as analysis, I cannot improve upon Will Wilkinson, Randy Barnett, Johnathan Chait, Greg Sargent, Megan McArdle, Andrew Koppelman, George Will, Michael Cannon, and Peter Suderman. Anyway, three links that I think are important to remember: Obama claimed, and Democrats […]