A few vague recollections before a proper post appears:

  • A 12-hour bus ride through the night isn’t as bad as it sounds, and will arrive an hour early
  • The taxi driver at the bus station will overcharge sleepy foreigners, but they are too tired to care
  • Sarajevo Roses are scattered throughout the city, marking where mortal shells exploded and killed someone; according to a tour guide, 100 have been marked
  • A rose beside the cathedral.
    A rose beside the cathedral.


  • ─ćevapi isn’t bad, but isn’t exceptional
  • Burek, however, is
  • The border guards at Slavonski Brod in Croatia still use Windows XP, which is more impressive than pathetic at this point
  • In some areas, Sarajevo looks like a smaller version of Vienna with mosques
  • P1030235
  • Stray dogs litter the city, except around the Gazi-Husrev Beg Mosque
  • By the mosque, stray cats run the streets
  • Hostels outside the old town and in the hills are better because of the view
  • P1030291
  • Reaching the bobsled track from the 1984 Winter Olympics can be done via a comfortable, paved road, or taking narrow streets through a neighborhood until it disintegrates into dirt, rocks, and mud
  • The latter is more fun in retrospect, but much worse when in the moment
  • Cemeteries are scattered throughout the city, and the number buried between 1992 and 1996 is staggering