What to Expect

I focus on central and eastern Europe and Appalachia. Most travel blogs read like diary entries with little appeal unless you know the person. To avoid that, I incorporate more history and culture or give greater context to wherever I am. Expect some thoughts related to politics, economics, etc., too. I’ll do my best to write about less-familiar things that haven’t been covered in other places. General travel tips and reflection posts will go up every so often as well.

If you’ve any suggestions, questions, or comments, contact me. I encourage strangers to inflate my ego.


I’m 27 and from Appalachia Ohio. I’ve worked for a higher education think tank and an online journalism outlet where I wrote about economic issues, criminal justice reform, and politics. I earned my bachelor’s degree at Ohio University and engaged in some shenanigans with a number of radical (and not-so-radical) libertarians. Now, I’m in Prague finishing a master’s degree at the Cevro Institute in politics, philosophy, and economics, focusing on studies of social/political/economic transition. On the side, I work as a freelance editor and proofreader.

I’m probably reading fiction, listening to bluegrass, or hiking somewhere.

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