Unrestrained democracy exudes no justice, liberty

I wrote the following column for The Post on Friday: Americans consistently and greatly exaggerate the value and benefit of democracy. It must be admitted the worst tendency in democracy is that it destroys the conception of a private realm wherein political and social power cannot intervene without committing a great injustice. The culprit causing such mischief, […]

Your consent doesn’t matter

Library of Congress I’m developing this idea, but I wanted to post a rough sketch on here regardless. I think consent as a tool against political institutions could not be more useless or irrelevant. Locke structured his defense of a limited, liberal government on the basis of consent (Sections 87 to 89 prove relevant). Without consent, Locke […]

Thoughts on political discourse and its coarsening

It isn’t the disagreement that I mind with my progressive/liberal/socialist friends. I’m fine with that. What’s offensive is their derogatory and unfair approach when we discuss anything. As much as my leftist friends disparage conservatives for theocracy, they’re the ones primarily slinging sin on individuals who disagree with their worldview. They’ve crafted such a pure, […]