Podcasts on Frank Chodorov

Frank Chodorov, Educator An interesting Liberarian Tradition podcast by Jeff Riggenbach discussing Frank Chodorov, specifically his opinion on how and why individuals are individualists or socialists. [18:23] Also worth your time is Riggenbach’s earlier podcast on Frank Chodorov, Non-voter. [19:34] Transcript. A new blog: Free Market Mojo.

A thought on greed before bed

Depending on which libertarian one asks, my employment by Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. is the most or least libertarian thing I could possibly do, or it falls somewhere in between. Anyhow. I worked on the 24th and, in my area, Wal-Mart was the last store to close (8 p.m.). A few of my co-workers attributed the […]

Doherty and Friedman

I’ve been busy with work, Henry Hazlitt and Kurt Vonnegut to write much of any substance.  In lieu of anything slightly original or badly plagiarized, I present Milton Friedman dissecting the myth of the free lunch, and an excerpt of Brian Doherty discussing conservatism and libertarianism. Radicals for Capitalism is Doherty’s fantastic book on the […]

Links and a new Hayek video

The International Students for Liberty Conference in Washington, D.C. is fast approaching: register today! Two blogs to follow: Morgan Polotan and Nate Kelly. A good article by Reason’s Matt Welch on the No Labels movement. The UK-based Institute for Economic Affairs released a new report on the need for increased school competition and for-profit schools.   […]

Freedom is indivisible

It is impossible to splinter social freedom from economic freedom; the loss of economic freedom limits the individual’s choices in social freedom, while the limitation of social freedom curbs and renders useless the individual’s economic freedom. Freedom is living within one’s means as he or she sees fit without harming another. No division exists between […]